Thursday, August 29, 2013

DIY Oreo Ice Cream

Today, I'm making something special. Something you never ate before. Oreo ice cream! It only takes two minutes and when you get superhungry it's the perfect solution!

These are the ingredients you need: a spoon, oreo's, milk and paper/plastic cups.
1. Break your oreo's in pieces and put them in the cups
2. Add milk and stab the oreo's a little bit (no mousse).
3. Put the spoon in the centre.
4. Put them in the freezer for a couple hours.

DIY My Room

Do you love sitting in your room and reading, thinking about what you did that day, watching a movie or just enjoying your beautiful room? Let me know, 'caus I love that too!
After some renovation and deco-shopping, I finally have a room to be proud of. There for, people said my room was kinda empty and frigid. I was tired to hear it and I decided to do something about it. I want to share this with you guys 'caus I'm kinda proud of my work and I would be even more proud if I could inspire you guys with this. So please comment and subscribe below!

This is my  bed (with a lot of decorative pillows to make it extra cosy). I really like my big mirror where I can check if my whole outfit matches with my jewelry and shoes. To the left of it, is my closet. Handy to switch fast! Another fun thing is the 'sort of lanterns' on top of the bedrail. The tiny dimmed lights are very romantic and snug. Mostly, I read a book or watch a film on my bed just for the cosy feeling. You can see a canvas of Paris on my wall, not a coincedence! I admire the city of Paris so much! The people are so friendly and my grades at school are pretty good for French, so I can help myself out. I went there once, with Christmas: it's a must to see the Eiffel Tower at night in winter! A blog about Paris will definitely follow.

Thadaaam! I proudly present: my jewelry corner! I bought the mirror (to check my hair and make-up) and the jewelry rack in CASA. Like you can see, I have lots of bracelets and lots of earrings. B.t.w. I made the earrings placard myself. It's really easy! The things you need are cissors, scotch tape, wrapping paper in a nice color, a ribbon with a print, a piece of cardboard, a cutter and a thumbtack. First of all, cut the cardboard in the required size with the cutter. Then grab the wrapping paper and wrap it in (also the back, for this: you need scissors and scotch tape). Assume you're packing a gift and put the ribbon around the package (in a bow for example). For the wholes in the cardboard (where you will hang in the earrings) you need a thumbtack. The resullt is above.

Last but not least: a wooden box on my desk to put little stuff in. When I got it, it had a pure wooden color. I didn't like it and I didn't know what to do with it untill I had the bright idea: 'Why not paint it?' This is what it became a couple hours later! The dolls on it are babushkas from Russia, my oncly brought them for me. The holder for pictures next to them is from Kos (Greece).

Spotted: Best Movie Ever!

You'll already know where I'm talking about: The 1D Movie!
I went to the cinema yesterday to see it and when I arrived at the cash desk, they said there is a little surprise for all the fans of One Direction who came to see the movie at the first day. I was like: yeah, bring it on! I couldn't believe my eyes when the lady came back! A HUGE poster and a festival wristband with the text 'Best Day Ever- 1D DAY AT KINEPOLIS' and a gorgeous picture of 1D on it. Indead: best. day. ever.

I had a lot of goose bumps- moment during the film but the most touching scene was the one where Zayn bought a house for his mom and sisters. Unbelievably sweet of him! My friend and I were so happy we went the first day he's out in cinemas, 'caus you always have so much spoilers on the internet. Before you realize, you know the content of the whole film! In one word: it-was-worth-my- f#ckin-twelve-euros.

Movie Premiere 1D3D

And now the topic of the day: Liam Payne's birthday! #congratsliam! Two other groupmates and he became twenty this year. And an other congrats to him for his new girlfriend Sophia, success Liam!
Other shocking news came in this week: Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) are engaged! I think it's a beautiful couple and wish them lots of happiness together.

Original Nail Art

Nail polish is a girls best friend, people say. I agree and I think  it's fantastic, but it has to stay easy. I will give you some examples underneath that you should really try! It isn't difficult and you will get lots of compliments on it! Unfortunately, the pictures aren't mine. I will publish some later with my selfmade nail art.

Convenient Stripes

This one is very easy if you have it mastered. The things you need are (in this case) white nailpolish, a striper in a fluorescent color and a swab to wipe away the leftovers. Like you see in the picture, you really need that swab because only pro's can do it without one. It's very important that you don't push the striper too hard. In that case, you'll have a thick line and the stripes won't be symmetric. So be focussed!

Ice Cream Sprinkles

The first thing to do, is putting a base coat in a color you like. For example: a flashy red coat or pink in pastel. The choice is all yours! After you let it dry properly, you continue with a white coat that seems to melt like an ice cream. Let it dry and in meantime, you can choose two other colors than the base coat. As finishing touch, put it in sprinkles on your nail point.

Aztec nails

 This is my personal favourite! I LOVE aztec prints on my nails, clothes and on decoration in my room: I can't get enough of this hot topic. It's original and cool, differently and special. If you're creative and handy, you do it yourself. If you don't have the patience for that, like me, you can buy stickers in online shops like or

My first article ever!

This item is about the big summer finale of Pretty Little Liars. As everyone in my life knows, I'm a huge fan of PLL. I can't get enough of it! Once, I watched two seasons on end and the finale makes me want to do that again. Just to see if there were any clues that Ezra is A. I still can't believe it! Everyone loves him and he's always so sweet and confidential to everyone. On the other hand, if you watch at his clothes, they don't match with the original 'A-clothes' (black sweater, NO cap). Conclusion: it's really weird that Ezra is A. What's also really weird? Dan Humphrey being Gossip Girl. Didn't see that one coming!

Was Ezra A all along? Or does he have an explanation? They sure were right that it was gonna be the biggest reveAl ever! I can't wait for the Halloween Episode! #WorldWarAhasbegon

Which one of my favourite series do you watch? Or maybe both? Please comment below.