Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CutiepieMarzia with yummy cookie desserts!

Hi! Today's blog is about CutiepieMarzia and yummy desserts. Marzia is a youtuber with an Italian roots who makes videos about fashion, vlogs, DIY, make up and hair tutorials. She really inspires me, for example because she explains the recipes so simple! And off course it's delicious! Check her youtube- channel!
She brings some 'Back To School' outfits. Beautiful and comfy!
In this video she makes something superweird, but also very delicious! I tried it last night at home and it was good! Just make sure that it has the right temperature, otherwise everything is ruined...

If you click here, you'll find lots of more videos of her! Not only Marzia makes desserts, me too!
Underneath you will find some of my favourite recipes.

The very first one: M&M cookies!

Next one are pudding chip cookies.

Glazed Lemon cookies
A sweet lemon topping adorns these delightful lemon cookies.