Friday, October 18, 2013

Look of the week: 21/10 - 27/10

Today, I present to you: the outfit of the week. It's a sportive, casual look which is also fashionable and trendy. Dark red pants are so hot right now! Plaid shirts also are. I think they are very hot, but also very chic. This look is a nice mix of different styles: the sportive shirt, hot pants, cute ankle boots and sturdy ear rings. This fits me perfectly. I like to combine various styles with nice details, like the ear rings.
           I hope I can inspire you with my looks. Ciao!

Tag: little reasons to smile

Lately I came by these tags on Tumblr. There are very much and a lot of various ones on this site. This tag is about little reason to smile. I've searched for images who make me smile immediately. Like the one above! When it's getting cold, I think it's supercozy. And fancy off course! :)