Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back 2 school report! Backpacks and Block party

First of all: those backpacks! Forget the shoulder bags or the heavy, old backpacks. The new generation backpacks lets the old-fashioned image of school disappear. It's SO stylish and refined that you don't need another bag to impress. Less- expensive fashion chains have them in nice prints, finished with leather. Big designers make it completely in leather with a high quality.
Personally, I think it's a handy accessory. You take it with you for a shopping day, a day in the park or for a city trip.
Black Rihanna Faux Fur Rucksack, 
Rihanna for River Island €55
3 Suisses €49,49
New Look, Burgundy Aztec Print Backpack €24,99

Urban Outfitters, Deena & Ozzy 
Border Print Backpack in Zigzag €65
ASOS Leather Vintage Style Backpack €71,57

This fall/winter is one big block party! Enjoy the pictures.

               Rag & Bone                                          Louise Goldin

Victoria Beckham