Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hotspot: New York Fashion Week (05/09- 12/09)

If I would tell everything that happened on New York Fashion Week, I'd still be busy at the end of my life. So for your own good, I left you a bunch of YouTube video's below. Watch the recaps of similar runway shows or go behind-the-scenes with Michael Kors. Watch and learn it from the masters!

The big trends of NYFW

1. South Pacific Vibe

    Nostalgic flower patterns, beach bound pants,...

2.White Karate

   Spring's runways were packed with so many Karate Kids, white-to-ivory, paired with coordinated slouchy pants.

3. Secretary look

A little bit secretary, a little bit nasty librarian,... but definitely chic. Just assume she's certainly not dressed in the dark.

4. Sunny Side Up

Let's go with the flow and take the sunny side up. Mustard-flavoured or flashy yellow: we don't care!

5. Shirts on top

Yes, they can be preppy. But don't you look forward to go the way of French Provincial, non?

6. Country Excursion

These outfits bring to mind a summery Saturday excursion into the country. Gingham's, bandana prints,...

7. Rags

Chic women have been flipping their jacket lapels forward for several seasons now, and that time isn't over yet. Note: with too-cool-for-school details!Sleeveless versions are easy to combine and refreshingly different.

8. The odd couple

We spotted taut midriffs at just about every show.High- waisted skirts are allowing us to breath a sigh of relief while we're rocking this trend next spring. 

9. Shut up!