Thursday, August 29, 2013

Original Nail Art

Nail polish is a girls best friend, people say. I agree and I think  it's fantastic, but it has to stay easy. I will give you some examples underneath that you should really try! It isn't difficult and you will get lots of compliments on it! Unfortunately, the pictures aren't mine. I will publish some later with my selfmade nail art.

Convenient Stripes

This one is very easy if you have it mastered. The things you need are (in this case) white nailpolish, a striper in a fluorescent color and a swab to wipe away the leftovers. Like you see in the picture, you really need that swab because only pro's can do it without one. It's very important that you don't push the striper too hard. In that case, you'll have a thick line and the stripes won't be symmetric. So be focussed!

Ice Cream Sprinkles

The first thing to do, is putting a base coat in a color you like. For example: a flashy red coat or pink in pastel. The choice is all yours! After you let it dry properly, you continue with a white coat that seems to melt like an ice cream. Let it dry and in meantime, you can choose two other colors than the base coat. As finishing touch, put it in sprinkles on your nail point.

Aztec nails

 This is my personal favourite! I LOVE aztec prints on my nails, clothes and on decoration in my room: I can't get enough of this hot topic. It's original and cool, differently and special. If you're creative and handy, you do it yourself. If you don't have the patience for that, like me, you can buy stickers in online shops like or

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