Thursday, August 29, 2013

Spotted: Best Movie Ever!

You'll already know where I'm talking about: The 1D Movie!
I went to the cinema yesterday to see it and when I arrived at the cash desk, they said there is a little surprise for all the fans of One Direction who came to see the movie at the first day. I was like: yeah, bring it on! I couldn't believe my eyes when the lady came back! A HUGE poster and a festival wristband with the text 'Best Day Ever- 1D DAY AT KINEPOLIS' and a gorgeous picture of 1D on it. Indead: best. day. ever.

I had a lot of goose bumps- moment during the film but the most touching scene was the one where Zayn bought a house for his mom and sisters. Unbelievably sweet of him! My friend and I were so happy we went the first day he's out in cinemas, 'caus you always have so much spoilers on the internet. Before you realize, you know the content of the whole film! In one word: it-was-worth-my- f#ckin-twelve-euros.

Movie Premiere 1D3D

And now the topic of the day: Liam Payne's birthday! #congratsliam! Two other groupmates and he became twenty this year. And an other congrats to him for his new girlfriend Sophia, success Liam!
Other shocking news came in this week: Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) are engaged! I think it's a beautiful couple and wish them lots of happiness together.

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