Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY: selfmade earrings

The stylists of stars like Selena Gomez and Little Mix all have the same secret to let the ladies shine on the red carpet: accesories! I'm fond of it because I love to combine my outfits with something special. They give your clothes that little extra touch of casual chic. But how cool would it be to make earrings all by yourself? Additional advantage: you will never spot another chick with the same pair!

I'll learn you how to transform buttons into wonderful earrings!What do you need? A bunch of buttons, nippers, glue and earstuds. You can find earstuds in almost every hobbyshop ( for example: Veritas, in Belgium) and they are very cheap. You will only need five minutes for this! First of all, you cut the 'eyes' of the buttons with the nippers. You can polish the back, so that it is completely smooth. Put some glue on the button and paste the earstuds on it. Let them dry for at least a quarter.
Hope you'll enjoy!

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